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Resources for Connecticut (CT) Residents

I know this pandemic has a lot of us on the edge of our seats and most of all lacking a lot of resources. From being laid off, losing your job due to underlying issues and even dealing with unexpected events; so here are a few resources you may start with to relieve some of your stress.

Let's start with the link for unemployment- where you may file a new claim for state or federal employment benefits, file your weekly claim or file for pandemic unemployment assistance.

Please keep in mind that if you voluntarily leave a position or was fired for gross misconduct you're not eligible to receive unemployment benefits but specific requirements vary from state to state. Also, those who have never held a job before are considered to be jobless, but are not technically unemployed.

You may click the link below and enter your information to see if you're eligible for any benefits offered which includes: SNAP, medical benefits and food/ cash assistance.

Additional resources or assistance is provided on 211's website which I've attached the link below. Enter the service or program you're in dire need of; for example: rent assistance, cash assistance, energy assistance (they help to pay your eversource or CNG bill). Eversource also has a payment plan program to avoid your lights being cut off- visit their site or give them a call for more information. Most importantly look for food pantries near you and they may provide fresh fruits, vegetables, non-perishable items and most times meat depending on the food pantry you go to. Food pantries vary; some already pre packaged the items for you in a box or a few bags and some allow you to pick and choose items that you favor.

The website below also provides free tax assistance (VITA) so don't miss out on that free service!!

If you received the very first stimulus check and haven't received the ones given from December to January it's because you haven't filed your taxes so get on it so you may be granted those.

Here is another link for benefits, simply type in your zip code and you'll see all benefits being offered in your community.

Taking advantage of local food pantries are extremely beneficial granted you save money on healthy foods and that's one less issue you have to worry about. The more people in the household the more food available to you. If it's even to get what you can and shop for the remaining items on your grocery list - you will save money! It's a win win situation.

I've attached a few pictures of items retrieved from local food pantries.

Please DO NOT feel bad for getting involved with programs that provide these services. Individuals behind these kind of work are willing and able to help so ALLOW THEM TO.

I was even made aware that they have dog food pantries available which is absolutely amazing. I've seen a lot of homeless people/ people begging on the street with animals who could really benefit or gratefully take advantage of this.


Also, don't downplay DOLLAR TREE - they have soooo many things that even walmart triple the price for. Every single item in that store is $1, it can't get better than that. I noticed that DOLLAR TREE stores around CT varies (some fancier than others lol) so feel free to explore and find the one that's suitable for your specific needs. They have EVERYTHING, from food to clothes, to decorative items, stationeries and toiletries. SO SHOP TILL YUH DROP at your local store....

Don't mistake DOLLAR TREE with Dollar General or Family Dollar- they are significantly different!

Eventually I'll do a video a video about this so STAY TUNED for that. 😌

Finally, if you're currently in the foster care system or even aged out and need some guidance with advocating for yourself or lacking a lot of things - HIT ME UP!!

I'm aiming to find similar programs or resources in other states so I'll definitely share any information in regards to that when feasible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Stay safe,

JC 💋


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