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Jayce (The Healer)

DOB: May 21, 2020

Most times all we need is a furry friend - they can't necessarily talk back but their actions will impact you in a very positive way despite that including shitting all over the place lol (with proper training they grow out of this). Jayce has taught me how to be patient and proved to me that regardless of certain things I am capable of loving another being and I'm deserving of love. All when mi nuh want nuh love he's giving it to me non-stop.

I'm not going to lie it hasn't been a walk in the park but having him with me on a daily basis has taught me a lot of things and is definitely preparing me for when I do decide on having kids. Being a loner for so many years I never knew it was possible to value togetherness and surprisingly I'm not so adamant about clinginess. If Clingy was a person it'll definitely be Jayce lol.

He is sooooo fast it's ridiculous - big dogs don't phase him at all. I will be sure to post a video of him getting loose at the dog park. He absolutely loves chew toys or stringy items to tug and pull on- its adorable. He has the energy to play all day but like his mama he sure can sleeeeeepppp!

He is very greedy lmaoooo it amazes meee- he can eat all day everyday and due to him being 5eva energetic he will never gain a single pound more.

Follow him on IG to keep up with his shenanigans. @jaycehorace


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