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Finding your Purpose

Most of us assume that we serve no purpose in this world but trust and believe every single person in the world serve a significant purpose. You may not be aware of it right now but in due time it will display itself. Majority of the time we receive countless amount of signs of what our purpose is in this world and we seem to ignore the signs due to dwelling on the negative things.

  • Explore your interests - even if you've never tried something before, you'd be surprised what your new obsession may be. Even if your friends are unwilling to try it out with you; DO THE DAMN THING BY YOURSELF - TAKE THAT TRIP BY YOURSELF. Remember this is for you not them.

  • Write down how you would like your life to operate, the individuals you wish to be surrounded by and the amount of money you'd like to be bringing in monthly. MANIFESTATION IS A HELL OF A THING

  • Come up with a plan on how you may obtain the life you want and ways you may slowly get there. - THINGS TAKE TIME SO NO NEED TO RUSH - What is meant for you will be for you and in due time it will happen.

  • Execute that plan- no matter what it takes and the sacrifices you have to make get it done by any means necessary, because IT IS WHAT YOU NEED TO HAPPEN TO GET YOUR DESIRED LIFE.

  • Endless blessings will follow- Doors that you couldn't even dream of opening will in fact buss right open for you to walk through. Unimaginable things will start happening and it is your duty to just accept them and go with the flow. Even if you're scared to take that first step JUST DO IT. Nothing worthwhile comes easy - take a leap of faith and believe that it is for the greater good.

REMEMBER YOU CAN'T EXPECT NEW RESULTS WITH THE SAME BEHAVIOR - I'm sorry to break it to you but things doesn't work like that. MAKE A CHANGE AND TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE.

Click the link below to get access to the "Purpose Venn Diagram" to get more insight on how you may START your journey to finding your purpose and eventually seek personal fulfillment as well as monetize from your passion.


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